NC Interiors is a design office renowned for an inventive use of space and materials. Whether you are looking to build YOUR SPACE from the ground up or restyle your current interiors. We take great care in creating well-balanced, polished spaces on time and on budget.

With over 15 years of experience, the founder and owner Nadim Chebli is an interior architect leading a multidisciplinary team with expertise in architecture, interior design, visual arts and management.

Our portfolio encompasses several forms of design for Multi-Level Residential, Hospitality, Commercial, Retail, Offices, Hotels, Furniture and Façade Architecture.


Client Representation | Concept Design | Design Development | Styling & Furniture | Art Procurement Furniture Procurement | Material Procurement | Architectural Design Consulting | Construction Oversight Project Administration & Management


Spatial Planning & Flowing Continuity

Our collaboration with many agencies in the commercial architecture sector allows us to acquire recognized know-how in the production of made-to-measure elements: Furniture, reception desk, counters, display windows, bars, etc. Each project is different and our design studio proposes a customized solution appropriate to the project’s requirements.

We analyze the requirements: Reactivity, flexibility, effectiveness. In this way, we have a dedicated team entrusted with rapidly responding to requests for specific samples and full 3D views.


Bold Eye-Catchers & Intuitive Movement

The use of aerodynamic lines paired with an elegant palette of materials including local natural stone, wood veneer and glass achieves a sleek yet classic design. We provides a healthy and sustainable environment as well as an appealing personalized space inspired by client's aspirations.

Interconnected Spaces & Pure Material Selection

NC INTERIORS CREATIVE STUDIO structure enables us to be very reactive with great ability to innovate. The whole team works with one objective: high-quality for a top level result. perfect finishing, precision in the shades and texture, Combining several elements and textures such as wood, glass and steel, create a sleek décor perfectly adapted to its content.